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i've been doing research on google about basics and yes it does give you a lot of help. but im not one of those people who learn by reading. i've looked at plenty of explainations and yet im kind of lost. so i was wondering can someone give me basics on these things?

what is rms? - some relation to continuous power, something you should try to reach so it won't damage your subs?

what is signal to noise ratio?

what is THD?

why would anyone wire anything in series when you can wire in parallel to lower ohms?

wat is ohms. everyone says its resistance. whats that?

if you wire a dual voice coil 4 ohm each sub in parallel it would go 2 ohms? what if you wire two of those subs in parallel on the same circuit, would tha be 1 ohm?

sealed enclosure and ported enclosure, how do you know which one you want? besides 'depends on your subwoofer'. how do you figure out how it depends?

what are the l337 (elite brands) jl audio? planet audio? matts? diamond audio?

whats the difference between compeition series non competition? kicker has competition series but i've seen alot of Jl audios that kick kicker out.

what exactly is "true power" when someone says true power.

is not having a capacitor really bad for your alternator? about how much power do you draw before you need one? note i drive a stock honda civic. i can see lights dim.

is 4 gauge power wire good for 700 watts? is 16 guage speaker wire good for 700 watts? y not just always use the thickest wire when you dont' need it? you might want to upgrade later?

how come i can see a subwoofer that claims 1000 watts and i see a magnet smaller than a 300 watt subwoofer?

does cone on the subwoofer really matter?

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THD= total harmonic distortion RMS= root mean square

THD should be lower than 1%, and RMS means the power you will get from an amplifier/sub/speakers...

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RMS is the the amount of watts the sub company says that their sub can handle continuously. You don't have to "reach" it(or stay below it at all for that matter), its just a general number given to let you know how big of an amp to use. Generally good brands of subs are: JL, Kicker, DD, RE, Crystal, Memphis, Treo, Adire, AA... multiple more. Regarding enclosures, Generally, sealed inclosures aren't as loud but give much "tighter" more responsive bass that doesn't miss beats. Ported boxes are much louder but sometimes you sacrifice your quality of sound for more dee bees. You don't NEED a cap. It just filters out the waves in the current and such. You can run a system without one EASILY. True power is the actual power an amp puts out RMS, not an overrated number given by the company to sell its amp better. Series vs parallel. Some systems require you to wire both ways, to reach the resistance you want. In some peoples case, they run at 4 ohms for daily driving with RMS power, but when it comes to a comp they switch it over to 1 ohm to get the most out of their amp. This way you can have the same amp in there, but just run it at lower resistance for normal listening. Hope I helped a little. :-)

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thanks alot demon pride. helps alot. only thing i really want to know is. is about the wiring setup. can say you have 2 subs on the same circuit. can you wire a sub in parallel and one in series to reach the ohm you want? why would you wire anything in series when it only raises the ohms and usually you wouldn't want that?

if you have 3 subs on one circuit say mono. can you wire 2 subs in parallel and last one in series?if you did how would the power go to each sub?

since most subs are around 4 ohms? if you wired A dual voice coil sub in series that would make it 8 ohm load? parallel make it a 2 ohm load?

is it the higher the ohm rating the more resistance or the lower the more resistance?
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