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the subs in my fiancees truck sound awesome, the whole 30 seconds they work for. Is it possible to turn up the gains without the fuses blowing?, like adding a capacitor or something

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if you turn the gains up too high, the fuse should blow. if the fuse doesn't blow, then you'll prob end up blowing the sub or burning up the amp due to clipping.

a capacitor has nothng to do with the gains.

what exactly are you trying to find out?? not very clear.

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Username: Ldskin

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Im just trying to find out how to make the subs louder without blowing fuses, I have the gains turned up to just below normal setting on the amp. Any higher and the fuses blow, right when the subs start to sound good, and I have never had that happen to me before

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You do know that the gain control is not a volume control correct? If you are blowing fuses, you have the gains up way too high. The gain control is there so taht you match the levels correctly with your headunit so that you can turn your system up to a good level without clipping your amp.


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LD, what kind of system are you talking?
If you want real bass, then quit distorting/clipping the amp.
Set the gain/level control properly once.
Invest in a more powerful amp or better sub.
From your post, it looks like the bass you're referring to is NOT music, but distortion.
If you want proof, use the same CD and visit JL store. Play it back on W7 in a HO box.
If SQ is not important to you, then give RE 15" MT sub a try. It will pound the crap out of your car guaranteed.
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