Any 1 had problems with FED EX or UPS


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Fredericksburg, Virginia United states

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i order my 18" an 20" rims friday, Last friday.....they were sposed to be in 2day but never showed......FED EX was sposed to ship them....realy im upset that i spent all day "literally" 10 a.m - 7pm at my garage waiting fo them 2 come becuse The Fed Ex is like a 20-30min drive.....n i cant fit 4 rims in my car...thats still okay..sorta dont have tires yet......but they didnt update there traking information on there i really dont know where they they r basically running around VA with 1000$

i have had no problems with UPS...they updated there traking info...every at all times i knew where my stuff is.....FED EX sucks...i hate them UPS is the best ever...
Upload...air ride actually built this trcuk...but was removed from there site because they must no like them usin there name.....LOL....i dint think i could find the truck..but.. cant post the real truck thats a artist rendering real 1

Plz whut was ur expericance with these shiping guys...whut about the yellow truck guys

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FED EX sucks

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Slowcala, FL The one that...

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I <3 UPS!!!!! lol.....i feel so g@y

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called fed ex those people confused me alot....first couldnt understand them....are wernt very helpful at telling me whut happened...with my package....they only way i found it out is cuz i kept asking questions...i think im suposed to get my wheels better

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Username: Killerzracing71

Fredericksburg, Virginia United states

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but still any1 had problems with fed ex like me....

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I have had nothing but problems with fed-ex! They damaged two subs, and broke a tivo all in the last 6 months! UPS all the way:-)

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dint trevor get his mags smashed also by fed -ex lol fu cken fed ex sucks

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i dont who it is i think fed ex, was supposed to ship my HU mount like monday and its sunday and still no mount grrrrrrr

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i luv ups f@kin fedex they suck they always late i luv dhl also great customerservice

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Yeah Fed ex lost my parcel for about 5 days...I phoned them and they said it wasn't on any trucks so it "might" be in warehouse I had 2 grand worth of stereo floating around for a week...I will never use them again, and the 1st time I used UPS they left my shipment (around $1,500) worth of stereo sitting on my FRONT porch...plain view for everyone who drives by or gets out of their house to see and steal...they also will never be used by me again, they also said that I singed for it...I was like "wow, I got home from college around 7pm to the box on my front porch, no one was home at all to sign it...the driver just left it there"

Both companies are garbage so far so GreyHound is what I used now, they havn't messed up at all yet.

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Fredericksburg, Virginia United states

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looks like ups is winning......anyone had a good experiance with. them......not me

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i havenmt had any problems with either im not gonna lie lol so i will use which ever is cheaper till somehtin bad happens

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Username: Adddisorder

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yeah fedex takes to long to get there sh!t out and they tell you like 4 days but its like 5 so they get your hopes up

ups ships everything comes ontime if not early
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