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So i took my two 10" Type-R's out to replace the blown one, and i temporarily installed my sister's 12" Type-R. Its in a 1.2 cube sealed with 350 watts and its considerably louder than my 2 10s with 800 watts each and .65 cubes sealed each.

I've been thinking of switching to something that can handle the power of my amp better than the 2 10s. Would a 12" Type-X handle 1100 watts ok? How would it do in a 1.2 cube sealed?

I'm looking to keep good sq but get a little more volume as i usually listen to rap. Will the Type-X give me what I'm looking for?

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ive heard the type x isnt all that great

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you were giving 2 10" typr r subs and gave them 800watts each? Are you talking peak or rms? Together, that would be 1600wrms, which is an overkill for those subs. If it was 800wrms each, then that deff should be louder than one 350wrms

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I am aware it was overkill, i ordered a 1200 which would send 600 rms at 1 ohm to each sub, but sent me the 1600 instead. But thanks for your expertise on the subject :P . I know you'd expect 2 10s on 1600 watts to be louder than 1 12 but as i already stated, they were not. I think the box has everthing to do with the difference in volume and low end.

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I have heard that it is possible to get 150 Db from a well tuned well powered 15" R.

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hey charlie the what u sayin about the type X it is a great sub I have 1 10" in ported running 600wattrms to it i know slitly underpowered but it is pounding like a madman and souding clearly iam hitting at least 135 db. I got my big 2500wattrms amp for that sub just not hooked up yet and ya iam hooken it in series so i dont blow the sub lol id be close to 140 db with just that one 10 not lying either!

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andy did you actually measure your sub hitting at least 135? i take it by you saying "at least 135" means that you measured it by ear cause if i measured my system with a tl i would know exactly what i hit. and yes they do sound clean i admit cause i used to have a pair but they aren't that loud.

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i know its hitting 135 or close i had 2 12" kicker comps and hit 132db with them and this type X is sounding way louder then they did so i know its close to 135 iam getin it tested today at bobs shop with a decibal meter

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there is a vid on ROE of 1 type r 12 hitting 147 db in this crazy box there was a post on this forum somewhere about it
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