Seas Lotus Reference vs Focal K2P vs ScanSpeaks vs CDT


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I am building my SQ system and have decided on everything except the components. I am using an Eclipse AVN5500 Navigation HU, two JL Audio 10" subs, 2 Zapco amps. I am going to run the Zapco Reference 1000.4(150RMS wattsX4) to my components. I will be using rear fill for back passengers in doors with a fader to turn off. I question is what components should I use? I have narrowed it down to these sets. I listen to all types of music and looking for perfect tone speakers with a smooth but detailed highs(not harsh). I have had the OZ Audio Matrix set and liked them. I like speakers that are musical and with excellent voice reproduction. I know that all speakers have their flaws but I am looking for the set with the minimal of flaws. I am looking for a set that I can listen to for extended periods on long drives. Should I choose metal or silk(fabric)? Maybe metal with a smooth quality?

Zapco Reference 1000.4 for components
Zapco Reference 500.1 for 2 JL Audio 10" subs
Eclipse AVN 5500

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Lotus Reference-of the comparison, it's the most clear and detailed set overall and has the most neutral reproduction. It's also very smooth, but the level of detail makes you well aware of flaws in poorly recorded music. Downside of the set is the lower bass performance (below 80-100hz or so), and top end extension above ~10khz isn't the best. Metal dome tweeter is very smooth, but will still be a touch bright to those that prefer very warm tweeters (say a Scanspeak D2904/6000, SEAS Excel Millenium, Dynaudio or Morel tweets, stuff like that).

Focal K2P-good midrange clarity and detail, not quite as good as the Lotus set, but the tonality is warmer overall and can be more pleasing on music that isn't recorded as well. Tweeter has excellent clarity and detail, but strains if crossed too low. Upper end extension is dependant on the axis and location, best if on axis or in the dash or A-pillars. Warm mids, bright tweets-it's your call whether you'll like that tonality. Midbass output is very good down to around 80hz, and falls off rather rapidly below that.

Scanspeak-I'm guessing you're referring to the Revelators. Midrange is extremely smooth and open sounding, the drivers also have a very large bandwidth. They're inclined to home audio applications, mainly ported boxes. In a car door they won't be especially punchy in the midbass/lower bass region, they'll be very soft. Low end extension is excellent, though, like a little sub. Tweeters-IDK what Scan tweets you'd mate with them. Scan's tweets vary a lot, the D2904/6000s are very warm sounding with excellent performance, but lack top end. On the other hand, the D2904/7000 (ring radiator) can be somewhat bright in the upper end and lacks low end compared to the 6000. All their drivers are excellent in build quality and sound quality, and the price reflects that (they're VERY expensive).

CDT-I'm guessing Eurosports for that price range? 07s? Their roots lie in the Vifa MG drivers. Less detailed than any of the above, but they're warm and smooth sounding. Bass extension goes pretty low, output isn't the absolute highest. Pretty easy mid to work with and easy to get sounding right.

I'd guess since you mentioned Scan-speak, you're willing to use raw drivers.

SEAS alternative: W18NX paper cone drivers or W18E001 mag cone drivers, combined with either the Excel millenium or crescendo tweeter. If size of the tweet is a concern, the Lotus tweets can be had as raw drivers as well. The Lotus drivers are based upon the older Excel drivers, the newer drivers have better frame designs and better motors. The W18NX and Crescendo is the newest example of that. The W18NX actually has the flattest BL curve of any midwoofer I've ever seen, including the XBL^2 mids that are bragged about so often.

There isn't a Scanspeak alternative since they don't have a car audio set (except the insanely expensive Alpine F#1 Status sets).

Focal alternative: Pretty self explanatory, they make all their own stuff. Perhaps stuff from the Utopia line will better suit you.

CDT alternative: Vifa XG midbass with a D26NC55 tweeter. CDT tweeter is simply a modified D26, they don't offer any midbasses that are up to the performance of the XG or XT drivers.

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Thanks Jonathan! The info was very helpful. I guess no one speakers is perfect. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Hopefully I will decide soon on speakers and put this system together.

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O and just to let you know.............. Upload

new CDT driver, 10hz-4khz,,,150rms...let the midbass begin.

07 7in driver is quite nice and the drt-26 tweet is awesome.

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Hey guys. I was thinking about getting a set of the Lotus Reference for the new Explorer.

Couple questions:

1) Will these things fit in a 2003 4 dr Explorer w/o a whole lot of modification? The guys at Sound Advice said it would probably be no problem as they've installed Focal Utopias in the same vehicle and that they'd do the job for about $125. Me, I'm not too impressed with their knowledge as I purcahsed my 5 1/4" MB Quart Q's after being assured that the 6 1/2's would fit in my old 96 Explorer. I thought I'd see if I could get some verification before I made the plunge.

2) Metal tweets? Its says on that website that fabric tweets are the only(?) option. I guess I could always get a pair of the Focals, but with 6 years of MB Quart use, "bright" tweets are the last thing I'm looking for.

Thanks in advance.



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They should fit in the door spots pretty easily. You'd want an MDF/Plywood ring there anyway and there's room to work with, no reason that they couldn't adapt it to fit a 7" there.

The metal tweets from that set are smoother than the Quart tweets. But if you're worried about brightness/harshness, the fabrics would be your better bet.

Dunno why the metals aren't an option at the moment, perhaps they're out of stock for a bit? You can email Eng and Leon and they'll fill you in, great guys to deal with.

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I just have Lotus Reference (165RW & RT25F) installed in my car. The speakers are dynamic, airy, and detailed, I love these speakers. Question is, would going three-way by adding RM110 midrange improve sound much??
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