Need help with box design for dayton subs


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I recently bought 2 of these abs for my home theater/music system. THe problem I face now is that the F3 for them in my sealed box is 72 or 79 hz depending on what specs I read, and I want it to be way lower than that. If I build a new box for it that is ported or vented, it can lower it to 50hz or so. So the questions I face are these:

What volume of the box do I make? I have specs that came with the sub that say to use a .6 cu ft box with a 1"x8"x25" slot port, and one that says 1.2 cu ft with a 3"x17" port. The specs that are posted on that link for the sub under the project ideas<vented cabinet recommendation are .955 cu ft with a 2.5"x8.49" duct.

I was thinking about doing the 1"x8"x25" slot port similar to this design for a car sub , but I dont understand what part of that box accounts for the volume and where the total port length starts.

On that last link I see a warning, is the use of a subsonic filter necessary for the subs I will be using? I wouldnt want to cut off frequency under the F3 like I have seen mentioned elsewhere in these forums because it is so high. But I also dont want to damage my subs.

Any help with this would be appreciated. I am trying to achieve the lowest frequency response with the lowest F3 and also sound good.

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wait for a box expert like, Marshall White or Trevor Eaten.. :-)

ME, Im just waiting, Ill just pay close to 300$ for a box professional made.. cough** Tested to do 155db on a TL.

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Actually the main question now is this:

Can I play lower than 50hz with the dayton subs in a vented box that has a f3 rated at 50hz, or will my subs blow? I dont want to cut off the frequency lower than 50hz with a highpass filter because that defeats the point of making a vented box so I can play low freq better.
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