Just completed an install in the parking lot!


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Ok...i just did an install in under 2hours in the parking lot of my dorm.

There was a guy that wanted a lil bump so i told him built boxes. I had a 2.5cuft box tuned to 35hz just sittin in my shed, so i brought it to the dorm and he bought it for $50. Then he wanted me to help him find a sub and amp to run w/ would work well w/ the box...but, he only wanted to spend $350 locally!

We went to a shop and i showed him a Cadence sub (UB-122h)...i have heard them at shows and i actually liked them better than compvr's. It was $139. Then i showed him an audiopipe gm-1002 (300wrms CEA-2006 certified)...$149.

I came back to the dorm...later he showed up w/ a audiobahn 12 (aw120t) and a soundstorm amp. just showed him some decent stuff that was within his budget???

Oh well, i told him i would hook it up for $40.....~2hours later and a sh!t load of wire stuck in the roof of my mouth (yay...stripping wire w/ your teef is fun :-)) he has a system. And to tell the truth, it doesnt sound half pretty loud for only ~300wrms.

he wound up spending ~$360 for the WHOLE INSTALL...LOCALLY!!!...but only time will tell if that a-bahn lasts though.

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hahahahaha lmao hmmm install in the parking lot, that sounds soo farmiliar. dude thats sweet. i just sold my 35 hz box for 50 bux.

marshall, where is that comp on the 8th??

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nice work but i would have tried to get more money out of him for the install. why the phuck did he go with audiobahn? oh well, it makes are systems sound better in comparison. lol

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why did i only charge $40 for the install, i had nothing better to do at the i made $90 in ~2hours, so that was pretty good i He started w/ a totally stock system.

yea...that does sound kinda familiar doesnt it. (after doing all those installs at shows, it kinda came natural...lmao) You should have been at the show last fall in was even crazier than the show at Davids Car Audio.

I believe the show on the 8th is in Lafayette...i'll check though. Me and few friends are gonna get a hotel room and stay the weekend. Its going to be a great show...drag races, car show, bikini contest :-)


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Now take that $ and get some wire strippers!

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why would i do a thing like tat takes the fun out of installs :-)

5ga wire + teef =
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