People just amaze me!


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Username: Thaphunkjunk

Orrville, Ohio United states

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Registered: Jan-06
check this out.........its hard to tell what the hell he's even trying to say amongst all of his BS. but his ratings are VERY VERY reputable

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Username: Delsole

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Registered: Feb-05
he dident blow nutttin and if he did it was rigged

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Username: Southernrebel

Monroe, Louisiana USA

Post Number: 2617
Registered: Mar-04
and that guy made it out of 3rd grade???

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Username: Matt12490

Benicia, California USA

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Registered: May-05
he said they are 100%?? why would he sell them as-is then, thats just going to bring the price way down. i wouldnt trust him tho.. LOOK AT HIS SPELLING

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Username: Theelfkeeper

Stockbridge, GA USA

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man, if only i had a nouter SSI 15 inch woffer, 2 caps and a nouter battery, then i could blowed my back window out whif it. :-(

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Username: Liljohn88

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Registered: Nov-05
that is very sad.

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Username: Johnnylemoine

LaPlace, Louisiana United States

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Registered: Aug-04
wow, simply amazing, how the hell did he register with ebay successfully??

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Username: Risky

Post Number: 22
Registered: Mar-06
Is this guy joking? Dude is retarted or "somefin".

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Username: 420pimp2

Post Number: 629
Registered: Jan-06
fu.cking wow, that's all, just , fu.cking wow


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Username: Cenus

Hicksville, Ohio Usa

Post Number: 1558
Registered: Jan-05
wow, i think my nephew can spell better than that,

and hes only 2.

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Username: Thaphunkjunk

Orrville, Ohio United states

Post Number: 49
Registered: Jan-06
he doesnt know how to spell for crap but hes got a lot of positive ratings, so i may just bid, and its only like 45 minutes away from me

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Username: Sploosh56


Post Number: 1242
Registered: May-04
just by him being alive is slowing down the progress of all mankind. very sad indeed

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Username: Djbeanpole

Naptown, Indiana USA

Post Number: 133
Registered: Nov-05
hookt on foniks werkd fur mih
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