Curious.. Kicker 12" L7, vs RE 12" SX, ported, 600rms each.


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Would 600 RMS even be enough to power a RE SX? I have about 4.5 cubic feet per sub to work with, will be doing it ported, powering each one with a Phoenix Gold Xenon 600.1.

Which would give me more SPL? A pair of 12" L7's, or a pair of 12" RE SX's? Or any other suggestions (Staying in the $150 - $350 range per sub)

SQ isnt that much of a factor, looking more for SPL. (But refuse anything Audiobahn, please dont even suggest).

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seth have you considered treo tsx subs? B has a pair of tsx 15s and he said they pound hard. i have the ssi's which are sql subs and they get loud too but the tsx gets louder. the tsx 12s are 400wrms each but they can take a lot more. B, who has treo tsx 15s 500wmrs, is powering his subs with a orion 2500d. so he is giving each of his 500wmrs subs 1250wrms and they take it well.

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if u really wanted RE susb y not look @ the SE model which is rated @ 600wrms .....

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Rovin, would the SE's given the same amount of power, get as loud as the SX's?

And chad, thanks for your advice.. Will have to check into them..

My whole thing is, I'm trying to get rid of my DUAL's, (the kind sold at best buy in a bandpass box).

I have three of those boxes, with a 13W7. Powering all six 12's with a Phoenix Gold Xenon 1200.1, and powering my JL 13W7 with a pair of Xenon 600.1's.. Figure I can swap the 1200.1 to the 13W7, and power a nice pair (or maybe a quad setup?) of subs with the 600.1's.. But I dont want to lose SPL.. Right now on a termlab, legal, at the passenger side windshield, I'm hitting in the 150ish range.. (Depending how I have the boxes arranged.. anywhere from 144, to my personal best of a little over 150 dB at 44hZ)

I can give plenty of room to the subs, and would even take a slight loss in SPL as long as it wasnt too drastic, just to get my setup looking clean.. (right now the boxes are just kind of put in the car how they'll fit.. dosnt look TOO bad...but could look a lot cleaner.. )
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