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what are your for's and against's?

The power will come from 2x MTX 1501d

SQ 70%
SPL 30%


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For: Great response. Absolute SQ. Accurate as all get out.

Against: Don't like a lot of power. Dishonest, gamespitting administration. Absolute poorest customer service. Build quality could be much improved. They really only care about OEM.


For: Great build quality. Very good sq. High Power handling. Great customer service.

Against: Everyone has/wants one. A bit boomy. Too much loot.

XXX (new)-

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brahma gets a bit "unresponsive" above 65-70hz

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so you say it's W7?
Cause I think a lot about monster weight of the new xxx. Even though 13w7 weighs 52Lb....


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out of those 3 I would choose a w7.

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the W7 actually weighs more then 52 pounds. when i had mine packed up in the box to be shipped a while back, it weighed almost 80 pounds. box/packing was about 10 pounds. none of JL's weights from the site are right for some reason.

i had a 13W7 and the only thing i didn't like about it was the lack of detail at lower volumes. sounds great when cranked up, but just seemed lacking when it wasn't turned up. gets very loud and can take over so make sure you have a good front sound stage.

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jl all the way----the jl 13W7 kick go to "realm of excursion"-----and watch the jl 13W7 videos they are freakin awsome.

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I like the comp x better then all 3

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It must be very hard for people to stay on topic and only compare those 3 subs without interjecting their personal favorite alternative subs. :-)
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