Amp getting less powerful over time?


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Is it possible that my amp doesn't produce as much power as it used to? It is a R-3000D Boss amp, supposed to produce ~1000wrms, but it doesn't seem like it really is. I've hooked a lot of different subs to it (including a JL12w6v2) and none have been as loud as they were supposed to be. I have upgraded my electrical system and I no longer think that my electrical is the problem, I now think the amp is what is wrong.

It could be that my car has horrible natural acoustics or I don't even know, but something isn't quite right. I thought that amps either worked or didn't work, is it possible that it just doesn't work like it did 7 years ago new?

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Don't expect too much from Boss amps. They're not known for "quality" over time.
Measure the voltage with DMM when the amp is blasting. If it stays above 12.5v, then you have no power problem.
It could just be the amp dying slowly.

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Boss is not worth anything. I dont think it should even be on the market. I personally owned a Boss amp and I had nothing but bad expiriences with it.

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Solid state amps don't lose power unless you have a failure somewhere.

Tube amps, on the other hand, will degrade over time, requiring tube replacements, rebiasing. Just a bunch of hassle for no real benefits anywhere.

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probably is overated dont think it is 1000wrms

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It is rated at 3000 watts max, lol. It is supposed to be ~1000 wrms after you "de-bullshit" the ratings..

But since this post I have answered my own question. Last night I bought a top post adapter and hooked my power wire straight to the battery top post.

Good news and bad news: The good news is that I am no longer questioning the power of my amplifier. The bad news is that now with it actually getting the power it wants, my lights are dimming BAD again. I need to get my new car already so I can get an HO alt, I am SO sick of riding around in a lower gear than normal (higher rpms = more output from my stock alt) LMAO.

But anyways, I keep modifying and rearranging, and my system keeps getting louder.. It's actually producing some rediculous bass now, so I am now positive that my amp is still putting out close to 1000, and also 100% positive that these subs are really w6's :-)

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lol, u figured it out b4 I could have told you... weak battery :-) my batteries are weak right now :-) I too need a deep cycle battery, but dont get me wrong, she hits harder than anything u prob ever heard
man, sound like u dont have a electrical system :-)

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Yeah this car is a piece. I can't bash it that much though because it was free. My old next door neighbor gave it to me, 100k on the odometer.

Dude thats nuts, because my ears are hurting bad right now just from riding back to work from my lunch break... I'd love to hear yours though, ahahaha. I get so excited over bass, it's rediculous. Too bad I don't know anyone locally with a killer setup...

B, you gotta let me send you a couple tracks to test out on those Treo's. I got the best cruisin/smoketo rap music. All underground you probly haven't heard before, but it's not bullshit quality recordings, this dude actually writes the sickest bass lines you could imagine!

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In fact, he mixes it all with the intention that you already have a full system. Without crossovers his bass will straight give your speakers the mud-butt! haha

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Lewass, I don't remember which company it is, but the one, if you get a lifetime warranty and whatnot, you can trade in your HO alternator if you get a new car and get the one for your new car.
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