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hello all, i need some help desperatly. i don't want anything that is awesome or anything. i just want some speakers and a cd player. as long as it works and sounds decent, i don't care. i was thinking about getting a pair of Roadmaster RS525 speakers and i just wanted to know if they work and if they produce decent sound. also, how are speaker sizes measured? thanx all

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Username: Fistofmeat

Tucson, AZ US

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also, (i forgot to ask before :P) does n e one know what size speakers are in a 1990 corolla 4dr sedan and if all the speakers are the same?

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well speakers arent all the same size they come in many different sizes and you could possibly measure the speakers in your car instead of asking

as of a respones for the speakers you chose ive never heard them so i dont know

good luck hope i helped a little

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i have used the 6.5in version. they sound pretty good for about a month, then they die. i would strongly suggest getting something else. maybe some cheap pioneers, but definately not roadmaster.


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Username: Fistofmeat

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what exactly am i measuring? the width of the brackets ont he speaker, or the diameter of the speaker itself?

and thnx for the link michael, it was helpful.

i dumped the idea of the roadmasters, and im going for some lightning audio ones instead. pioneers are out of my budget (yea i know im cheap) and the lightning audio are supposedly made by rockford... so they can't be all bad...

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that car calls for 4"in top dash, or 5" in lower door, and 5.25 in rear deck....

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Ahmed, check out Infinity, good for the money.
Roadmaster, Lightning Audio, etc = Walmart crap. You get can get a lot more for your money.
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