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just have a question for you since you have alot of experience. Amps, should they get really really hot? I know that happens after long periods of use with lots of bass, but is there a way to be more efficient without such heat. Like the other day i'm rocking for 20 mins, and just touch my amps and they burn, i mean they have never shutoff or overheating i'm just wondering how hot is too hot and if it could cause damage the subs somehow with that much heat(like i know that the tensil leads when they get hot have a tendency to tear or get weak)

thankz for expanding my general knowledge glasswolf, U DA MAN

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class A/B amps are only about 65% efficient. The rest of the power the generate is lost to heat.
class D are about 80%.
They do run hot.
the surface temp of my Orions is on average around 160degF, even at moderate to low volume use once they get warmed up, but they don't ever shut down either.
That's just how they work. Amps run hot. Some of the best ones made are the hottest.. Pass Labs and Krell amps costing $35,000 for one mono amp (two for stereo use needed) are 200+lbs each, and almost solid heatsink area for cooling on a pure class A amp.

It's normal.
you can run fans on the amps to help cool them but they will still generate the same heat.

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hey glass i have 6 MA Audio Kore 18 Car Subwoofer that i want to put in an excursion my problem unlike before is i dont know what amps to put with them but of coures i want it all to match all ma audio

so should i put 3 of ma audio's HK-4000D and up grade his altenador


should i put Model: 3 of ma audio's HK-802SX


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oh and another thing have you ever experimented with custom sound on diferent size subs

for in: have you builded a costom box that have 2 tens 2 twelves and or 2 fifthteens or something like that ?????? if you have tell me about it

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ok first off, I don't use MA Audio. I classify them in the same catagory as Audiobahn.
Very flashy, lots of chrome, and mediocre to poor performance. I don't follow their product models so I couldn't recommend a specific amplifier. I can suggest you match amp RMS output at load to the subs being powered..
If the subs are 4 ohm single coil, and 300 watts RMS each, you want one mono 600 watt at 2 ohm amp for each pair.. like that.

you don't mix sub sizes in teh same box, unless each sub has its own airspace.
there's no reason to do so however. I have used 8" midbass and larger subs, but rarely do I mess with multiple subs of varying sizes as there is no point in doing that.
for good sound quality KEEP IT SIMPLE.
use the same subs, in the same type of box(es) so they are all moving the same air at the same time and working in conjunction with each other.

You might be thinking "hey maybe two tens for tight bass, and two fifteens for deep bass" or something like that. Don't.
In reality the fifteens will overpower the tens so much that you won't hear the quick, tight response of the tens as the massive fifteens will drown them out.
It just doesn't work. You pick the kind of response you want and tailor a system to meet those needs.
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