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I have a 2004 Nissan Titan with an Avic N2. Everything worked great on it for almost a year and then when I jumped my truck off I had an incredibly loud road noise. I'm talking wake your neighbor up with the windows up and the doors closed feedback. It is so bad you can't even hear the CD, radio, tv, etc. After this happened I went ahead and upgraded from the N1 to the N2 and as soon as I hooked it up I had the same problems. I sent both units off to a highly respected repair shop and he said that the pre outs were fried but since it was a navigation unit he was not authorized to work on them and I would have to send it to Pioneer. I have since added a crossover and eliminated the noise. Now when I turn up the bass it clips. Today I checked the ground again and it is bolted to the frame but when I put a meter on the ground it was showing 12 ohms. I toyed around with the ground and looped the ground from the rear of the frame and relayed it to another ground on the front of the frame and it still registered 12 ohms but even the ground to my ignition is registering 8 ohms.

The problems I could be having now could be a number of things. It could be the amp, it could be the N2 head unit and it could be the ground. I don't know what else to do. I have taken the truck to two auto electric places and to the dealership to have an analysis done and they found nothing. Originally I thought it may have to do with the ripple or a bad diode (sp?) in the altenator but the dealership said everything checked out perfect. I installed the N1 in a friends car using a cross over and it works perfectly so I am convinced the problem is in my truck. Anyone with any ideas or knowledge please throw me a bone.

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the amp could be bad and sending feedback to head unit, try an switch amp out, and as far as bass is clipping, what amp and what subs, if it is a 2channel and you have more then a 4ohm load bridged on it, it is most likely the problem, but the clipping along with the fried outputs, leads me to believe the amp is bad...

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It is a 2x400 fosgate amp on the 2 10" HE2 subs. I have a 2 farad cap and 0 guage running to the amps. I also have a 2400 watt power invertor but have it running on a seperate 4 guage wire. Everything runs from the battery to a distribution block and I have an inline ANL fuse in the front and a Maxi fuse block in the rear. I have the ground running from the distribution block going through my floorboard and bolted into the rear frame, then I have it going from the rear frame to the front of the frame where it is bolted in a second time.
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