Sony Xplod amps & speakers?


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What's everyone's opinion on Sony Xplod amps and speakers? I was just curious because they sell them at Wal-Mart, but at the same time it's Sony, which is a reliable company for other electronics.

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sony should stay out of the car audio world...Sony car audio sucks big time

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lol. there is no other way to put it. amps, speaker, subs, HU's, sony in car audio is horrible

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In my honest opinion, I've only owned 1 sony car audio product and it worked well for me. I had a Sony D1000P5 amp. And it never over heated and gave me very close to it's rated power. I didn't have any problems with it whatsoever. Now that didn't stop me from upgrading in the future. But I won't fully join the badwagon of Sony bashing. Their HU's are legit (not top of the line but legit) Some of their amps are ok. I would personally stay away from their subs and speakers though. But listen to them 1st and make your own opinion.

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I had the Xplod amp XM-SD61X (600rms) with 8 gauge wire. I am pretty sure I had it wired wrong for my subs (was new at the time) so I had a plus to the plus and a negative to the negative and the other 2 remaining plus and negative wired to each other.

I had it powering my 2 12" Alpine Typle R's in my Escort and I hit 139.6 Db in Street B DB Drag came 5th place.

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lol michael. you must hate them with a passion.

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Granted Sony Speakers are not the best sounding speakers. But for the price you pay for them they are not terrible. They leave much to be desired, but I have four Sony Speakers in my car and they don't sound that bad.

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sony is bad in car audio, that's a reality. Noobies one advice for you, better buy in car audio the higher recognized brands cuz YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR

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but sony home audio thats a diffrence, i got sony reciever and some nice sony bookshelf speakers and a JBL 12 sub

it sounds real good the house shakes with the JBL
although i want some different sony speakers for home because i want to go louder but they sure do last long they havent worn out and they have been through some loud music

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ee... i'm talking about car audio, check the forum, you're in car audio and sony is bad in car audio

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Sony sucks........if u get it for free...IT STILL SUCKS but its for free use it till it doesnt work no more or gives you trouble...they are over priced like some kenwood products, some of them come out to be faulty and you cant do much about that. Conclusion: stay away from sony

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door stops, or paper weights......
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