I need help with my system choice


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I own a 98' mustang. I want to put in two jl 12w7's and two 10" audiobahns is this a good choice? and what should i use for electrical things (amps, capacitors, equilizers, etc.) also would it make my w7's sound good with a built in box ( fiberglass) or should i use a regualr box

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i would never mix the types of subs in my car, no two different brands/sizes will sound the same. get the jl's they are really nice subs, and i would go ported or a special made fiberglass box.
and for future reference, NEVER even think of buying audiobahns, one of the worst choices you can do is buy audiobahn subs (or anything alse made by audiobahn)

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What he said ^ ^ ^ and youre not gonna fit two 12w7's and 10" audiobahns in a mustang lol trust me

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go with the w7s your going to have a time gettin them in there as it is. you might need a HO alt if the lights dim and a yellow top wouldnt hurt

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i already had the measuments taken and i can fit 2 jl 12w7 and two tens but i dont know what type of tens i should get. also will somebody tell me what to power them with
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