Skippin sounds


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What is this when i turn my system up and sometimes the sub would skip like a beat?? it seems like it shuts off or something... what is that called or why is it doing that? How can i fix that?

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turn down the gain.

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probably a shortage in in power. Is your sub distorting? Probably because you have your gain set too high. Try turning the gain down and see if it still happens. Also, check your voltage with a test meter and play some heavy bass. Record how much your voltage drops when the bass hits.

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it also could be you headunit is skipping at high volumes. if you have a multidisk changer set near your subs it could cause vibrations which leads to skipping.

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that used to happen to my subs. i found out that when the sub hits (like jake said) the vibrations causes the cd to skip. i would look into that.

i would definently see how much your voltage is dropping because it does sound like your losing some volts.

just turn down the gain first, and then see if that still happens. doing this will sacrifice some bass though.
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