RL-P Sound Splinter 12 / Anyone own one or heard one ?


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I know alteraudio has heard this so if you read this or anyone else who has heard this subwoofer please tell me how it sounds and compares to some other subs like ID MAX and JL 12w6v2 etc...

Hows the SQ and SPL, sealed or ported ? Thanks for any info on this sub. Ive never heard one nor do i have a dealer around here.

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I think of the RL-p is like the ED Ov.2 series but like 2 steps above it. Characteristics are very similar, high extension, very good SQ in the 50-80hz range, but lacking naturally in the lower 40hz and down( I think in a seale dbox both the Ov.2 and RL-p peaked in the 50-58hz region in my car, my Mag peaked around 37-42hz). Easy to blend with a typical frontstage. Also can do very well in smaller boxes and less power than whats recommended.
I'd say the IDMAX beats it on the low end but output is very similar and probably equal on the extension. W6 is a very tight and accurate sub but I haven't had too much time with one. I spent a little time with it and while it was very good I liked my Mag better. I don't use ported boxes too much, but from what i've heard both the IDMAX and RL-p are quite good in sealed boxes and lean towards sealed boxes with lots of power. All 3 subs mentioned you wouldn't go wrong, but with these subs since they're all very good but with their own little twist, i'd try to get hold of atleast two of them and test them. maybe find one used. Go to www.soundsolutionaudio.com for the RL-p, the Max you can find here and there and same with the w6. But either way you go, you'll be happy.
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