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I am going absolutly bonkers on this.
Just bought a car with the concept 300 (no remote) installed about 5 years ago.
Obtained a 4 button remote, programmed in via cliffnet-pro, nearly 80% perfect.
prob 1) Minor, siren works, however cannot get the single chirp to sound. multiple chirp sound OK, can live with this.
prob 2) Major, prox sensor is moved to the min-stop, Due to heavy traffic the prox triggers the alarm. So the only option is to Arm, then press the Light+ARM buttons together to disable the prox sensor as needed as per the user manual. I've tried and tried and cannot get this to work and on inspecting the 4 button menu, the entry for this button seq is blank.

Help, I've searched all the concept 300 postings and cannot find any clues.

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Username: Mano

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It must be something I am not doing on the programming of the 4button remote to the concept300.
Just obtained a complete concept-300 from ebay with 2 (original remotes, the key sequence works to disable the prox sensor. If I was to add a new remote as the 3rd entry, I still experience the issue of unable to temporary disable the internal prox sensor. The existing remotes are fine and do work.
All the remote button functions look the same under cliffWiz-pro. For all remotes the channels in the action menu is empty for the key seq that would control the prox sensor.
As I have reproduced the issue on 2 Concept300 units, there must be something else, that needs to be done. Any comments people.

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Username: Mano

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Looks like I've found a gap in the programming of the remote into the Concept300.
a) If I use the Windows method using Cliffnet Pro, when the new remote is added it appears the function of Remote control of the proximity detector is not mapped. However,
b) If I was to add New or re-add by the IGN_On, Valet_code, feature1/row_1 then it works as per the user manual.

Has anyone else come across this before ?. Is there a sequnce I'm missing during the windows method ?.
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