So, whats that tool called?


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Buddy of mine suggested i pick up this tool.

I dont remember the name of it and he's not answering his phone.

You use it to find power and ground connections while wiring up stuff in your car.

It plugs into your 12volt outlet and has a handle and a needle like thing on the end. You stick the needle into the socket and theres a light on the back that turns red or green depending on if its power or ground.

I cant remember what he told me it was...

Anyone have any idea what i'm talking about?

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a test-light :-)

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yea that would be it...

i need some time away from brains shot...

wanna find me a link to one?

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Here's a link to one...

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This is absolutely ridiculous.... lol

I m not trying to be rude, but you people should start to think on your own. Try to google or any other search engine before you start a new thread.

This is a waste... lol

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hmmm......Fill in the blanks:

This device is used to ______ power sources and let you know if the connection is good or not. You said it has a light. In order for you to determine if it's a good connection or not, you can look at the ________ to see how it lights up.

Answer 1: Test
Answer 2: Light

Total: Test Light!! LOL

I'm bored, and tired. Forgive me!! hahaha
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