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hey wats up i need an amp under 400 dollars to power two 1200 rms subs i want a good amp

im thinking two precicion power 1500.1 this two will be better than the colosous xx II
or maybe two 1000.1 if you have any suggestions letme know thanks

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what kind of subs and what voice coil configurations??

also, do you have the electrical system for that kind of power?? if not, spend that 400 on the electrical system rather then burning up alternators and damaging the equiptment you put in.

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yeah bro im wiring them each one in two ohm i mean parallel so wich one you like best oohh wich is the most affecien/affordable alt out there i got extra for the electrical i only got 400 on amps

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ive seen the orion 2500d wwc go online for about $450 if your willing to spend a little bit more you get a better name and be pushing around 1250 rms to each sub which would be pretty tight I got one pushing a h2 and its a killer amp.

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Username: Extrmndor3

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but telll me wich is better the orion 2500d two ppl/precicionpower dcx1500.1 or one colosous for two 4 ohm dual coil 1200 rms i want sound quality

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Like brandon said, if your car don't have the power to run all this power, then it's going to be no good for you. You'll burn up more alternators than anything else. What kind of car do you have? Do you know how many amps your alternator is producing? If you hook everything up and your lights dim, then you know you need a new alternator.
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