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i was talkin to my math teacher about ohms and he didn't understand that systems are wired in like 1,2,3,4 ohms, he was tellin me that eveyrhing is usually wired in killa ohms, is this the samd thing and 1 ohm is actually 1 killa ohm? i was trying to figure out why my system was tuning off and i determined i was withdrawing about 1600-1620 watts, a min of 133amps from my batty. i asked if thats why it was shutting off, i gave him the configurations on my ssytem and he told me he'd look it over on the weekend, so are ohms in killa ohms or is it really 1 ohm?

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becaus the ohms represent the amout of resisteand that is comming threw the systems so having 1000 ohms or possibly aka 1 ohm aould be able to cut the amout of watts in half almost becaus the difference in 1000 and 2000 ohms is alot, and 1 ohm and 2 ohm configurations the watts go down considerably

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resistance* not resisteand

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basic scientific notation

0.000000000001 10^-12 pico
0.000000001 10^-9 nano
0.000001 10^-6 micro
0.001 10^-3 milli
1 10^1 (basic unit)
1000 10^3 kilo
1000000 10^6 mega
1000000000 10^9 giga
1000000000000 10^12 tera

1000 ohms doesn't equal 1 ohm, it equals 1000 ohms. thats the conversion chart above. you have the basic unit inthe middle. going up the values get smaller, going down they get larger.
1 tera ohm is 12X more then 1 ohm where 1 ohm is 12X more then 1 nano ohm.

hope this helps you out some. check out the resistance section on too

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Wattage is the measurement for Power

Power (in watts) = Energy/Time
Watts = Voltage x Amperage
Watts = Amperage Squared x Resistance
Watts = Voltage Squared / Resistance

depends on what variabls you know, but thoes are the formulas. wattage is directly related to current, voltage and resistance.

you also have other factors such as amp class, voltage drop between battery and amps...ect...but if your amps are shutting off, thats usually always a power problem or a crappy amp.

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In short, no speaker is a kilohm.

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ok thank you Johnathan, thats what i was asking, i know scientific notaion, i did have a phisics class. if you actually read the peragraph, i said my math teacher told me this, so i was just reasuring my self, so i could tell him.

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1000 ohms is 1K
now that a huge resistance!!!!! lol
that would work for a resistor value, NEVER a speaker like Jonathan said!

with a ressistance that huge, the amplifier would put out 0 power...
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