Distortion in speakers


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Probably a simple answer but I have always wondered. I have a 100 watt guitar amp (VERY loud, can easily shake my whole house). I have an electric guitar and the amp has 2 12" Celestion speakers in it. How come I can crank the distortion and those speakers will not blow? I am thinking it is a different "distortion" but what is that difference? Same with car speakers. When I play any music with guitar distortion, why doesn't that blow the speakers? Probably a simple answer but just wondering...

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most guitar amps i have delt with will reduce the volume on the distortion before it hits the speaker... so its louder... but not.. it's an intentional distortion.... like my amp gets quieter when i turn the distortion on... also the distortion could be a digital distortion so it's not really upping the volume anyway.. but no matter how you look at it it is all processed to where its safe for the speakers to play em..

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Not to mention, guitar/PA speakers are designed to be HIGHLY efficienct and handle lots of power, but really, as far as sound quality, they don't have it, at least not for the type of bass we like here :-).

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Distortion doesn't hurt a speaker in any way. Power is the only thing that can kill a speaker, be it thermally or mechanically.

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Jonathan is completely right.
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