Selling my other kx1200.1 $250 shipped in th US


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Pittsburgh, PA U.S.A.

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If you are interested or live outside the US and are interested email me first at.,


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Monroe, Louisiana USA

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did you sell that other kx1200.1?

i need 2.

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Ummm, Joe you had two of these amps, how is it possible you sold one to your buddy (after I paid for it) then put the other on e-bay, which you are using separate accounts to bid against your own item to boost the price up. Now you are trying to sell it here and on other forums, something is REALLY fishy here.. Polo

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i know alot of people who do that lol. unless i dont undersand completely what you are sayin polo

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He had two of these amps, one I paid for then he comes up with a bogus excuse after we waiting for an answer for two days from him that he cannot access his account and the only way he could refund me my money is to file a claim with PayPal. I did and i got my money back then I told him I will send him the money any way he wanted, he then sent me an e-mail stating his buddy wanted it instead because he offered more money, NO BIGGIE just don't make sh!t up, you know. Now he has this amp up (supposed to be other) but it is listed on e-bay as well. In this post he is not stating it is also on e-bay he says to e-mail him direct. Once you place an item on e-bay and the minimum is met, you no longer own that item and cannot sell it elsewhere unless in the description it says that it is listed locally or such and he may stop the bidding early. I don't really care but now if you look at the bidders he is also bidding against his own item, this is fraudulant and against e-bay rules. I don't care what he does but I hate to see some good people get stuck. Polo..
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