Trunk Rattling


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I got 2 ALpine type r 12"s installed and the bass is good but my trunk rattles a lot and its very annoying. I drive a 97 ford explorer and didnt think it would rattle in an SUV. whats ratttling? is it the license plate, the handle, the windshield wiper, help please. thanks...

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Username: Fiber

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Well turn your subs up and go behind your SUV and listen for what is rattling.

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that is the best way. there is some great product on the market that dampen the rattle 95%

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could be the panel on your back door. you should be able to tell if you just listen to it from outside the vehicle.

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let it rattle...let the folks know you bumpin'

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Um, no don't let it rattle. Rattling of parts in your car really isn't GOOD.

This will sound funny, but I'm pretty sure that my new Assassins have rattled something loose in my passenger side door, and when I play the 5x7 Volfenhags alone, they rattle whatever is loose, but the subs don't...It's odd, so I'm going to have to check it out...

Who would have thought Volfenhag anything could rattle anything!

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u know that thAT black rubber sourround that goes around the doors? does it help if u take the rubber thats already on the trunk and put some bigger rubber?

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you could put some dynamate down but i doubt you will ever get rid of that rattle especially if you have a decent sound system

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Most older cars/Suv's/trucks will rattle no matter what. There is not to much you can do,
except try to find what's rattling and screw it down tighter or re-glue it, or if you are from around where I live Duck Tape it. Ha

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i laid down somde of the foam that is put under neath the carpet in homes in my trunk. Completely covered the entire trunk and now it doesn't rattle. Instead I now have something rattleing underneath the car.

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thats true about old cars...i have a 84 regal and a 91 suburban and when i shut off my music all the way and i'm drivin down the street all my stuff still rattles in there.. its rattle like if i'm still bumpin...specially my back door i think it loosend my bolts b/c u can even see the things jump up n down
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