ED NINe.1 amp?


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just wondering if anyone has any experience with this amp, or any of there other amps?


been lookin at the kicker 1200.1 for my two type r's, but this amp looks pretty good, just never had any of there products before. any feedback would be great.

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Here's a review I have saved. Can't recall who did the review though.

"Equipment used.

1 Nine.1
Installed in my 97 Nissan pickup.
stock 60A alternator
2 old yellow tops

My RF 8240 feeding a 2.1v None-Clipped input signal with the gains on the Nine.1 maxed out. Bass Boost at 0, crossover and subsonic filter turned to the highest and lowest settings respectively. 60Hz tone was used for all testing since this is where most Dmm's will read VAC most accurately.

Test equipment used was:

Fluke 31 True Rms Clamp AC Ammeter
Craftsman Pro 82357 Tru Rms Dmm
Craftsman cheapo Dmm for voltage and verification purposes.
Leader O-Scope

The amp surprised me in that it is nearly twice as heavy as my db1100's. I was not expecting that at all. The terminals are very classy, though i would prefer the speaker terminals were a little larger to make it easier to fit 8ga in. I was able to get 8ga in however, it just took a little work. A very minor complaint at best. The controls were fairly simple and i like the remote gain knob quite a bit with power and protection indicators included on the unit. The remote gain knob was NOT used for this test however.

Install was very simple as i ran 2 1' sections of 8ga each for power and ground and used 8ga speaker wire to run the amp to 2 kicker 10L7d2s to a 1/2 ohm load rated.

After about 3 dozen 1 sec burps to get the feel for the amp and the massive array of multimeter leads all over and how to read them all at once while working the radio etc and after warming the subs up quite considerably as well as draining my poor batteries.

The test results are in.

1.28 ohm load in box @60hz
1173.5 Watts RMS with the batteries at 10.9v

1.2 ohms
1137wrms with batteries at 10.1V

The numbers here unfortunately reflect greatly that the batteries had been toasted by this point. The best charger we had was a 6A charger and my little 60A alt was doing its best to recharge round after round of burps, but it was clearly not up to the job. I was quite impressed though that this amp took the low voltage with no trouble at all and still put out those numbers. It is clearly time for me to replace my 2 5yr old yellow tops however.

So, calculate an average of 10% increase for each volt gained, and you will find that these numbers look much much better

Test A at 13.7v would have read approx 1501w @ 1.28 ohms

Test B at 13.7v would have read approx 1547w @ 1.2 ohms

I am extremely pleased with this amplifier's performance. It never got hot, barely got warm at all as a matter of fact. It never once went into protect mode from low voltage or any other reason. The spl competitor in my appreciated that there was no protection hiccup, the amp had no trouble burping at all and was easily rolled up to max output without shutting off or popping or anything else for that matter. I didnt find a single flaw whatsoever in the performance of the amp. It had no turn on pop, no noise, nothing that shouldnt have been there. When compared to my db1100 on the exact same setup, the nine.1 was much stronger without a doubt, though i had no spl meter to do a heads up comparo with them.

Overall I am quite surprised by how well this amplifier handled the test and all of the abuse i put it through and it passed all of them with flying colors. I give the Nine.1 an A+. Congrats Ben and the team at ED on one knockout product."

I'm using them in my next install. Whenever that is.
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