Ground Wire Size?


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My power wire for my amp is 5 awg. is it alright if my ground wire is 2 awg.?

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You must match the power and ground wires.

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well, just remember that it's all one circuit from the battery to the amp to ground, and back to the battery.. so the gauge of wire is determined (throughout the circuit) by the length of the wire (total) and current it carries.
going bigger than required doesn't hurt anything.

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but does it help? i have a 5 awg. power wire and a 8 awg. ground will it make a difference?

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yeah your ground in this case needs to be atleast 5awg or sure go with 2...but you gorund cant be lighter then your change it

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It's a matter of resistance and the resulting voltage drop - which depends on the current you're drawing and the length of the ground wire.

For example, if your ground is 5' and your amps can draw 100A --
2 ga would drop less than .08v
5 ga about .16v
8 ga about .31v

The only one that raises an eyebrow is 8 ga, and if your ground is shorter, or your system draws less than 100A the effect will be even less.

It just doesn't make much sense to run the long 5 ga wire to avoid a big voltage drop only to go small on the ground.

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if i have 2 amps... is it ok to ground both of them to the same bolt on your car or should it be to 2 different bolts?

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same is ok, diffrent would be better. U mighten notice the diffrenece with your ear..

but yea, bigger ground will be better..
same size or bigger!
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