Wiring tweeters and other mid/highs to 4channel amp


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have 4tweeters 2 on left and 2 on right.2 pos are hooked to one wire(pos) and 2 neg to other wire(neg).those pos & neg are ran to left pos & neg of channel one(amp).right side pair of tweeters are done the same to the right channel which is #2.i also have my 6inch 2way tweeter and dome back door speakers connected to left and right channels mentioned above.so i have 2 pos and neg wires connected to channels 1&2. tweeters are tied together at f.dash.i don't know if that is the correct way, maybe i should take each set and seperate them?example:tweeters l @ r pos and neg- hook pos(l side)to neg(r side) and other pos and neg to amp channel 1 so that the ohms are dropped?and 6 in back doors to channel 2 same way(pos to neg tied bythemselves and other pos and neg to amp ch 2........also other 2 channels hook front 6x9's to left and right channels 3&4 or do i tie together like tweeters? help please with my dilema someone

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crossover switches to ch 1&2 set at high and bypass for ch 3&4 to 6x9's?or high on both?

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speakers are 4ohms

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on channel 1 wire left side tweets(+ to +) and do the same for right side on channle 2 set high pass( creating a 2ohm load) run 6 inch on channel 3 and 6x9 on channel 4 on full pass or high pass.
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