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I was to make sure I understand this clearly... I want to power my components with the 2 front channels (4ohms) and bridge the rear for a subwoofer (2ohms). The reason Im asking is b/c i dont know what voice coil configuration to go with and if the front and rear channels can run different ohm loads?

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speakers up front single 4ohm run stereo and rear dual 4ohm wired par/par to a 2 ohm load. yes it is fine to run them at 2 different impedence's as long as the amp is 2ohms mono stable not 2ohm stereo. 2ohms mono is the equivelant to 1ohm stereo.

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Thank answered all my questions

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if that is a 4 channel, your not going to be able to run a sub bridged on most amps on a 2ohm load. you need a dual 2ohm sub or a single 4 ohm speaker to do that bridging correctly.

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PS remember if you use separates up front, each speaker gets full power. the crossover doesn't divide power between the tweeter and midrange. each one gets the full power of that amp channel. just a tidbit to help in figuring power to the drivers.
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