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i was just wondering if anybody here has/does purchase from

just curious because i've never bought car audio from anyone but an authorized seller before, and just want to get some feedback on if this site is a good one to buy from. so if anyone had some experiences with this site just let me know how it was.

thanks alot

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it will be fine, they are a big company that will provide good service and a quality warranty.

you just have to watch out for small companies that have to watch every penny because they will be more reluctant to help you in a problematic situation.

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yea.... like ebay sellers.... bass tards...
speaking of which theres an audio selle ron there that iv e had too many bad experiences with
electronicgiant... yea dont buy from them

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i've ordered from before, they were okay, if they have the item in stock it'll get shipped quick, plus the first time you order you'll get great service (they try to bring back repeat customers). <- Their prices are pretty wicked though.

I've also ordered from, and that package should arrive today, not the quickest service ever, but they did ship on the second full business day. So not that bad...

Just make sure they actually have the item in stock, otherwise they'll BS you for a few days until they can get it in stock, so that they don't lose the business. So it's probably a good idea to call and verify before you place the order online.
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