I have real problems!!!!!!!!


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i have a kenwood ddx-7015, it is brand new. it is also my second-one. now check this out the decks vol goes to 35 ok, if i turn it above 20 for more than 2-3 min, the screen will start to jump (like an old tv that is geting a bad signal) and the cd will stop playing. after that it will start off where it stoped at and play the music but will send a crap signal with it (alot of distortion) both decks have done it. i have a loud system but it is not that-loud. i called kenwood and they have offered to send me the new ddx-7017 to compensate th failures of the the previous two but i don't know if i want to even get the new deck or get my money back and buy an eclipse????

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thats weird man - i'd say take back ur $ ....

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what kind of car do u have and how is it mounted?
iso meaning used oem brackets? or mounting kit? if the unit isnt mounted correctly ive seen many of these screens do this b/c of poor installation

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The first I think of is: Do your unit get enough power? Check this out.
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