Please help-Is installing a alarm/remote start really that hard?


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I got a Viper 791XV and i was wanting to install it myself in a 92 Explorer is it really hard to install a alarm and remote start?

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you need some electrical experience and alto of mechanical know-how, particularly with your specific vehecle, i was going to install one myself untill i investigated it and found out how hard it was, id rather have a place do it, but for now i just lock my sh!t and bolt everything down so it will take a lond time to get out.

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yeah i understand electrical but when i see alot of wires i get nervous LOL

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i would have someone install it, you can probably find a shop to do it for a hundred dollars or so, it just seems like alot of work to do if you havent done it before.

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$100???? my local shop said 340..... i have the same alarm. i said FU lol. i really need to get that thing installed soon though...

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well go out and buy a maintainence book... follow the instuctions with the system... it's not too hard... just time consuming... the maintainence books will have wireing diagrams in em.... you could even look around online and find installation vidoes and what not...
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