Is this guy right?!


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I just read on a post that since most rap music bass is above 50 Hz, it comes out better in midbass speakers than in subwoofers. Is that true? All I listen to is rap, and I just purchased two Kicker SX1250.1 amps and the SXRC and planned on getting two RE SX15 subwoofers this summer when I get some more money. I don't wanna buy this stuff and not have it really slam with the stuff I listen to...
Just wondering if anyone had heard this or thinks it or if it is just bullsh!t.

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most rap is actually around the 40Hz range, which works out fine for most ported or bandpass boxes.
it's still in the <80Hz range so it's still all subs.. not midbass.

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lol, that's the dumbest thing I've ever heard, and is probably just someone trying to look smart. Even if most of the bass is above 50 hz, go switch between a car with subs and a car with just mids, and say that there's not a huge difference. Most of the song might be in the higher frequency range above 200hz, but that's the case with any genre of music. Rap and techno probably have the most sub frequency bass out of any song, and if you ask me, they don't sound right without subs. Go ahead and buy your sx15s. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

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Once in a while here on Ecoustics we stumble upon a particular song or two with very low frequencies. However, if you go to post it, you get other morons that start posting 1000000's of songs that just "sound good" but don't have the bass we're looking for.

Some rap DOES go down to as low as 20Hz, but it's more rare to find than that of Jazz or Classical. The best place for low frequency songs would be to look at bass testing tracks or individual sinosotal waves...
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