RE SX vs Diamond Audio TDX vs. Rockford T2


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Sorry for all the questions, but spring is approching here, and I've got a lot of friend's that have saved up large amounts of money and are looking to upgrade their systems.

I have two friends asking what's going to be louder, the RE SX, Diamon Audio TDX (, or the RF T2. They're all decently close in price range and power. Room isn't a factor when it comes to enclosure, and they're pushing more for the SPL side.

Thanks again guys!

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Count the RF sub out. Not great at all and overpriced. I really like the RE and Diamond Audio subs though. Take your pick with either of those, they're both great. If you need a box designed for cheap send me an email

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Username: Kd7nfr

Montpelier, ID United States

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Thanks, any other opinions? I figured the RF was crap, now it's between RE and Diamond... I'd sure like to lean towards RE, I'd like to support the company considering how great of products they make.

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I like RE's sx line(15s), don't know about the others yet, Polo.

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i will say the RFs can get plenty loud but for the price there not good.
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