Where do the frequencies go. low but not low enough


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i have a jl audio 8w7in a .9ft3 box sealed the only problem i have is that when playing low notes it doesnt hold do i need to change enclosure . i have an epicenter on it. note space is my biggest issue the install is in a 86 single cab s10. please tell me how i can hear my notes consistently.

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not sure exactly whats happening. it cuts off? no enclosire should make a sub stop playing.....

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well if you're going below what the subs is able to handle or can even do then it may cut off. ubt i'd be suprised in a sealed box you're having this problem.

Are you saying it won't play below a certain frequency? Maybe headunit settings or a subsonic filter on amp?

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check to see if there is a subsonic filter on your amp. If the amp shuts off is it becasue of what Ohm the sub is wired to?

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its only 8 inches, how low can that really go?

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Let me take a guess on what you may be talking about.

"when playing low notes it doesnt hold "

I am guessing that the lower notes do not last long enough. You may be under the assumption that low notes or loud bass should last long because you may have heard other peoples systems and theirs seemed to linger.

This is what is defined as "OVERHANG".

When a speaker enclosure is not the right size or the port is not the right length/diameter, you will get what is called OVERHANG. The bass will sound boomy and last longer than it should. A lot of people think that this is better. It actually is not better. A well designed box should not sound as if the sound is coming from the box or the speaker for that matter. It should be "transperent".

Overhang is more common in ported boxes than sealed. Sealed boxes are generally not as critical when it comes to fine tuning.

Ported boxes require that the box size, shape, port size/length, and stuffing is almost perfect, otherwise you may get unsaticfactory results.

Sealed boxes are contingent only on stuffing, and size, but on size you may be off by as much as 10% and it will not change much. The stuffing will however change the sound dramatically in sealed boxes. make sure that if you design your box with stuffing, then you have to follow the size requirements thoroughly, otherwise you will get bad results.

So to make a long story longer, your sealed .9 CF* box is not going to reproduce low bass as a ported box would, and it will actually have a faster transient response as well. The suspension will be much stiffer as well. This will not make your sub to overhang as it would in a ported box.

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8W7 goes surprisingly low. You'd really be better off with a ported enclosure if you wanted to go low with more authority, but that'll be hard to fit in a single cab S-10.

What about the rest of your system? Amplifier? You're using an epicenter, are you pushing the sub too hard down low? How loud are we talking here when this happens?
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