What amp to use? 2 channel or mono?


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I recently purchased 2 eclipse sw-6123.4 subs and they are 200w rms 4ohm svc, and i want to get the most out of them. How do I hook them up? Is it possible to hook them up to a mono 400rms amp and split the load between the subs? or do i have to use a 2 channel amp that is 200x2 at 2ohms? or 200x2 at 4 ohms?

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Class D mono amp is the best bet for subs.

Dual 4 ohm I take it? As dual 4 ohm can be wired to 2 ohm or 8 ohm...so find an amp that pushes 400 rms @ 2 ohm and youll be fine...maybe even get a bit higer 600rms @ 2 ohm.

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Thanks, but i think a problem might be that they are single 4 ohm. does that mean the mono amp would have to be 400rms @ 4ohm?

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a mono amp means you'll be wiring the subs together for a single load - with a pair of svc4's your options are series for 8 ohms, or parallel for 2 ohms. 8 ohms is not a very practical impedance for car speakers/amps. You're looking for something around 400w at 2 ohms.
What's your budget?
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