Whats the difference between a 10" and a 12" sub?


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I've read that the 10" subs gives more clarity and the 12" give you more "boom" and power. So whats the difference?

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^^^LOL!!! The smaller the sub, the quicker it usually plays. The bigger the sub, the deaper it generally goes. There are exceptions, but in general, this is how it works.

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"2 inces ..God!! idiot!!"

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lets help out pickman and not turn this thread into a dam n napoleon disaster

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Pickman 2

if u just want bass 2 compliment ur basic music then go with 10"

If u get the urge 2 play ur system loud when ur fav song comes on & generally like 2 listen above average then buy 12" - preferably a pair of good quality 12" subs ........

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12" - more displacement - will play slightly louder and slightly deeper.<br>
"quickness" is power/enclosure dependent. A 6.5 can be just as "quick" as a 15" with plenty of power in a well designed enclosure.

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Pedro will offer you his protection.

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ok to clear up a few misconceptions that are pretty common, the diameter of the sub really doesn't affect how quick or boomy a sub is.
the Bl or motor strengh of a sub is what determines how well controlled it is or quickly it responds. the size of the driver balances itself out since while a smaller sub has less moving mass, it also has to travel farther to produce the same output.

what is affected by the sub's cone area, generally speaking, is the Fs of the driver, and that affects where the sweetspot is for output if you're using a ported enclosure. You can usually tune a port lower with a larger sub (don't want to go below the Fs) nd still get good gains from doing so.
If you tune below the Fs of a sub, you lose the benefits of porting the sub because at that point the gain in output is counteed by increased resistance from the sub and thus power power.
you generally want to tune a port to just over the Fs of a driver for good deep bass.

anyway without going off on a tangent, I hope that helps a bit.

larger subs also tend to have higher power handling because they're physically larger and have bigger voice coils to dissipate more heat.

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"NOPE ! Its just only u who is so retarded that he cannot simply spell INCH"
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