Headunit issue im having, or so I believe!?


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Hey all. I was wondering what was up with my headunit, and if there is anyway to actually test it out. Thing is, all my left side speakers are severly underpowered by my headunit. The right sides sound perfectly fine, but if I unplug the right sides, the lefts go back to normal. As soon as I plug the rights back in, bam, the lefts get hardly anything again. Ive checked all the resistance on all the wiring, and everything is mint. Ive even redid all of the wiring and its still the same problem. Of course I checked the balance on the cd player as well, haha. Anyway to actually check out if its the headunit? All I have is my old factory headunit, which ive lost the plug for!! Hmmmm, id hate to have to go buy a new cd player if not needed without first testing the existing one. ARGH, this is completely bugging the crap out of me.

Thanks all.

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It might actually be worth it to get an aftermarket unit...it does indeed sound like a wiring problem but from all the work you've put into it, I don't know if it would be worth it to troubleshoot more.

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Turns out I ended up finding the connectors in my basement for my stock headunit. Hooked that old beast up and look at that, all speakers work fine, went to plug in my aftermarket headunit and it started up, still had the same problem, then it literally crapped out on me, wouldnt do nothing. Decided to pop it open and there is melted stuff everywhere inside of it. Never again will I buy Panasonic(second one that has happened like this from them) Im gonna go buy one of those Pioneer Premieres on my day off on Friday and get that going.

Still debating if I should amp up the speakers, or put my powered sub in the trunk again. Im not a huge fan of massive bass anymore (had two 12" type R's in there before and they were nice, but to much, so I sold them)

I have two 6x9 Alpine type S in the rear fill right now, and even with the factory unit they kick enough for me to be happy with (and mind you, this guys pushing out prolly 8-10 watts of rms compared to the 22rms that the pioneer pushes out) Only problem is the two 6 1/2 peice of junk pioneer speakers I have in the front. 1 of wich is completely blown.Any recommendations for some decent, but relativaly cheap (I mean cheap!) speakers I should get for the front just for highs and some mids? Im debating if I should go Walmarts Lightining Audio to replace the two I have right now, they are only like 15 dollars......I know its against my will, but hey if it sounds decent then who cares! Any suggestions?
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