ID MAX 12 / 600 or 800 watts rms ?


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While im waiting on my ID MAX 12 D2 v.3 from cardomain i have been trying to figure out which amp to use on the ID MAX 12.

PPI art 600.2 / 600 x 1 @ 4 ohm bridged


PPI PCX 2200 / 800 x 1 @ 4 ohm bridged

I keep reading that even 800 watts rms is to much for this sub. Im favoring on my ppi art 600.2 with the 600 watts rms.

I was also thinking that maybe in the future i could run 2 ID MAX 12 D2 off the PPI PCX 2200 and run them at 800 x 1 @ 4 ohm bridged so each gets 400 watts rms. That whould work well to i think.

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i thought Jonathan said 800wrms is close 2 ideal 4 this sub ?....

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depending on the enclosure anywhere from 400-1000 can be used for this sub. to use Jonathan terminology it is Hellificiant:-) lol

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a bit of topic MO but is CarDomain a good place to buy from?

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cardomain is the only authorized internet dealer i'm aware of. so, yes. is not authorized, but provides 1-2yr warranties

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700-800W is the upper limit for it in most enclosures. It's a lot more efficient than other "supersubs", primarily due to the 2" voice coil and the really tight gap it uses. It will perform well with 300W if it needs to. It doesn't have the power handling of a Brahma, XXX, W7, but it doesn't need it either. If you want a sub you want to push past its limits and straight out beat the snot out of, this isn't your sub. Once you push it past linearity you'll get some coil scraping, and at high excursion the surround dimples (not a problem, just mechanical noise).

In your case, I'd put 800 on it simply because it gives you more room to upgrade. There isn't a lot of difference between 600 and 800 watts SPL wise, you'd barely notice it.

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Excellant Place to buy from. That is where i have mine on backorder right now. They will price match there competitor if they are an authrozied image dynamics dealer. They will price match is not an authorized dealer is not an authorized dealer but has the lowest prices on them

Ebay whould be another route.

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I don't plan to run another ID MAX 12 in the future so i will use my ppi 600.2 on the ID MAX 12 :-)

I will give my CDT HD62 the 180 watts rms it deserves off my ppi pcx 2200 at 200 x 2 @ 4 ohm and that will be sweet.

I have a fiance now and i doubt she will like alot of bass with 2 ID MAX 12's. That is why 1 ID MAX 12 sealed at 1.5 cuft off 600 watts off clean classic power sounds like a winner.

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Still waiting on the ID MAX 12

Blair Aus
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Don't mean to hijack the thread but while we are on the topic...

I currently have 2 id max 12's in a ported box at 28hz running around 750w RMS each. Its redicliously loud and my taste have changed.

I want to go pure SQ... so hence i purchased another one!!...doesnt really make sence does it??

what I am contemplating is making an AP box for them.

The trade off typically is decreased efficiency but also I have to sacrifice power and Im only really going to get around 400w RMS to each sub now. Will this be sufficient ?

Mikechec I read the AP tutorials on your page. Very informative. I was wondering If the following would work...

Invert the subs so that the magnets appear behind the seats and have each in a ~0.5 cu ft box with the membrane typically in the sealed boot section. (basically the same as a normal AP enclosure only the sub is backwards. This would allow for a very thin enclosure as I wont have to squese in the 8.5' deep subwoofer and would allow me to display the awesome magnet structures..

Cheers - Blair

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