Jensen vs. Clarion vs. Alpine


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I was wondering I am in an odd situation currently. I have a 1998 cadillac seville that I absolutely love, however it has 128000 miles on it, and I afraid of dumping too much money into it. I am looking for a dvd head unit to use for a while until I sell thecar. So I was wondering how bad is the Jensen 9510ts, it seems to do everything that youd want from a deck, and the reviews on circuitcitys website seemed decent.

However I have heard that Ineed to replace all of my speakers to bypass the bose amps thgat are there, and rewire the car, so that is going to costme alot of money anyways.
I currently have a jl 1000/1 amp and 2 12" alpine type r subs.
I need a dvd in dash
should I get the Jensen for only 600 shipped on ebay, and leave it in the car when I sell it, or should I pay almost double for the alpine d310 which i kmnow is better quality and then move it to my next car. Or should I go with a clarion deck that is almost in between price wise around 800 ish.

Is there a difference in sound quality I will get from the alpine vs. the clarion vs. the jensen
thanks for the help guys

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I would buy the alpine and move it.

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You DO NOT have to replace your factory speakers to run a custom HU. My cousing has a 99, he did have to bypass the factory amp though(in the trunk), but he ran his factory highs and mids off the HU. I myslef have a 96 Deville, and just had a system installed in there, Ill be honest, it was pricy (in comparison to most standard installations). You only have to buy new speakers if you want to hear different ones. Which I would do if I was goin to run an aftermarket amp with a HU, which you do have. But if you wanted, you could just use the HU and use the fact BOSE (Fact amp bypassed). I would go with the radio that suits your application. IE. Alpine HU , use cust speakers w/your amp. Take it out when Ur done, cause when they bypass your fact equip, they will not snip any wires, or at least my installer did not. So if I wanted my equip back, I can just have it all replaced with the old stuff cause all the factory wires are still there. Trust me , Ive went with this a million times between myself and my cousin. It turns out that best buy quoted me 789 to INSTALL my equip. I told them to go F+K themselves. Dont listen to BB, they DONT know what there talkin about, specially in my case with what I had. I was leary about listening to peoples advice at 1st (proffesional advice), but later found out that every thing that guy told me was correct. He told me they would change the price on me when I got my car int there after it was all torn apart.... and whadya supposed to do ? First BB quoted me at like 250 , then suddently turned into 789 OTD. They wanted to do a lot of things that did not have to be done. The place that actually installed my equip originally quoted me at 260 , then went to 375, but I had them a lil custom work. So , when you decide what you want to actually run in the car, let me know that way I can help steer you in the right dierection. I would hate for you to have to go throught the same Bushi I went through. Feel free to give me a call if you want or email. Hope that helps you out !

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OK well i am on a budget so the alpine is way out for now. my concern is with Jensen. it seems to have all the things integrated. ( i will save money NOT having to buy TV tuner.) the memory card feature is awesome. can someone who has this or knows about the Jensen 9510TS please give me total details before i splurge on a unit!!! thank you.

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i wouldn't get a Jensen, they always seem to be really cheap in build. do they make anything worth buying?? lol also, i doubt you will get much out of the tv tuner and antenna, i can't really even pick up anything on a huge house roof mounted antenna where i am, lol, so i wouldn't let that be your deciding factor. the memory card thing is neat, but really, what are you going to do with it?? look at digi camera pictures on it??

i'm also looking to sell my in dash dvd unit, its a Panasonic CQ-VD7001U, touch screen, cd/dvd/mp3.....ect. looking for like $600 shipped. more info can be found at: 01
email - theelfkeeper @

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i know there has to be someone who has this unit. can i please get some feedback??
will a seperate tuner get me a better signal then the built-in one that the unit has. can anyone recomend a good dvd,cd,am/fm in dash unit for around 600-850? franko
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