JOnothan! help me sound deaden


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i was looking at the secondskin you were talking about, looks likes awesome stuff and the price is pretty good.. ive got a 5l and while its kinda cool to hear the engine u cant hear the music at all! so basicly i wanna eliminate it as much as possible for a better audio environment.. im sure using there mat would eliminate it alot but would going into there other products ei luxury mat be worth it?? those ones tend to get pricey, but i will go for it if its worth it...
i was thinking the damplifier pro + luxury mat..
or sludge/spray be a better alternative for the damplifier?

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soud deadening will do fine. You'll need a different type of mat though or thickness to take away engine noise. Dynamat and 2nd skin both have a engine compartment mat that is designed to have a higher heat resistance temp. that will fit nicely on the underside of the hood and the firewall inside the engine compartment. You'll then also want to deaden the interior of the car along the floor and firewall. Also another good thing to do after about 2layers of mat is to use joot or carpet foam padding along the interior of the firewall. I believe 2nd skin has a closed cell type of foam padding that will work in the engine.
I would use Motor Mat on the engine firewall
Damplifier pretty much everywhere, the rattle mat on the doors after the damplifier.

I've started deadening my demo car and i think i used about 30sq ft on the trunk and i'm not done yet on it. Have fun! Also check out elemental designs Edead. I use this on the floors since its so cheap. I will use Cascade or 2nd Skin on the doors and firewall due to added thickness and better adhesive qualities.
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