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i currently have a treo ssx 12 inch 2 ohm subwoofer and its rms is at 2000 watts i was planning on giving it an amp that will put 2000 watts to it... i was wondering if their is anything else i need to add so nothing bad happens. Ive seen somethings on an alternator or something but im no really sure what it does or what its for and if i need one or not can someone please help me with this setup so nothing will go wrong with my car

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An alternator is part of the charging system of your car that produces electricity for many devices. A type of generator, the alternator transforms mechanical energy into electrical energy. Although your car's battery supplies some electricity, most of the electrical mechanisms within the vehicle, require the alternator's steady stream of power.

Alternating current (rather than direct current) gives the alternator its name, because this is the type of electricity it creates. It's mainly a mechanical device, concealing a pulley, wheels, brushes and wires, which hooks to the crankshaft and runs to the battery. This way, the gasoline powers the engine to turn the crankshaft, which in turn connects to the alternator. The alternator converts that motion into current whenever the car is running. The resulting electricity operates the cooling fan, headlights, windshield wipers, radio, defogger, and air conditioning.

To be more specific, an alternator is very efficient at producing a constant, high voltage, even when the car is idle, because of how it works. The belt (from the crankshaft) connects to a pulley system, called the rotor, such that when the belt is turning, it moves magnets across a special surface, called a conductor. Moving magnets, in the stator, generate an electrostatic field, otherwise known as electricity. This alternating current is controlled by a voltage regulator to keep the voltage steady. Another part, called the diodes, convert alternating current into direct current that flows on to the battery and other components.

Even if your alternator dies or malfunctions, your car will run for a while directly off of the battery, until all the battery's power is sapped. Therefore, it is hard to tell when your alternator has problems. Sometimes a harsh noise, or intermittent headlights, will give it away. Check to make sure the belts on the alternator are not cracked, or improperly tightened, before you replace the entire thing. A rebuilt alternator can be a reliable, but less expensive, option if you need it repaired.

now if you are planning on running 2000 watts rms you are going to be drawing about 165 amps at full volume. Depending on what type of car you have I would say your stock alt is anywhere from 80-150 amps. Your car needs a certain amount of power to run itself,headlights,cpu,heater,interior lights, ect. I would look into atleast a 200-250amp alt for your application and thats giving no room for a second amp for your mids and highs.

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the kind of car i have a 1996 mustang gt. im not sure on what the stock alt is but what your saying is i should get an alt because the stock one wont have enough amps to run both the car and my system and a 200-250 amp alt is wht i should get.....sorry about all this im a newbie just trying to learn new things but i appreciate your if i get the alt then hook everything up my system and car should both be fine?
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