Ultimate 10k Car for the Ultimate 3k System? Haha


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I'm getting a new car/suv, and I have like 10k or so to spend on the car, if I spend 3k on the system =D. I want to buy a new car that won't rattle after dynamatting, inside or out. I want to spend about 3,000 on a nice HU, interior speakers/amp, and some bad a.ss subs that are high SQ and SPL, with SQ being the biggest concern.

I think I want JL, because I know they will last a long time if properly set up. But I keep hearing about RE's and Treo's and Eclipse's and Digital Design and all these others...

I would prefer having just one 12" or maybe the 13w7... If any are good enough that I'll never wish I had more bass...
Where can my money go the furthest towards SPL without sacrificing sound quality?
What are the best interior speakers for SQ in my price range?
Can the "ultimate" everyday system be had for $3k? (Assuming some of that is spent on electrical upgrades to cover the power with no dimming)

Help me out and I'll post it all in a couple months when its hooked up. :-) Thanks

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go for a hatch

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You might want to think about a 4th gen F-Body.. nice sporty hatchback, good speed, easy to repair and upgrade, as well as very good overall acoustics. Lots of room (more than most people think) on the inside, too, especially if you remove the back seats.

Plenty of custom boxes available for these, too. (subthump specializes in them, even).


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an 03 V6 galant cost me like 10900$ with only 23k miles. I financed it so i'm paying like 250$ per month. A good setup, lets see

Eclipse 8455-500$ or so
Components for front-ES-620 with IEK tweets-625$
Tang Band 6.5 for the rear deck-100$
Amps- USAmps Xterminator line( not released yet but soon)- around 300$ for a 200x2 amp and get a small 50x2 for the rears( anything will do-150$ or less)
Sub-Stereo Integrity Mag 12 D2-350$
Box-Custom 150$
Sound Deadening- Edead v.1-30sq ft(for trunk floor and side panels-(1$ per sq ft)30$ plus shipping, Edead v1SE(for doors and trunk lid)1.60$ per sqft.-25ft of it, so something like 35-40$ plus shipping

that bring you to about 2800$ so that leaves about 200$ left for install and whatever else. You could get CDT HD-62s instead and take off about 200$ from the total.

Sounds like a good setup there.

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What about High Output Aternator?

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I just read a couple reviews of the CDT's, looks nice, but I love the sound of my infinity reference 4x6's powered by my HU, if they could go a lot louder... Do you think I would be ok with getting all infinity reference interior speakers and power them with an amp?

If I spend less on the interiors I can spend more on the sub and mono amp.

B what do you recommend for a 3k set up?

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Before i give any advice on speakers you need to listen to them before you buy them so you can get an idea of what you want. when you are putting down 500+ on speakers you really need to know what kinds of speakers you like the most, because they all sound a little different.

i would look into DLS and dynaudio speakers. the treo SSi sub would also be a good choice as well as the W7. for 3k you could have a badass system and a very very clean install.

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Thats my goal, I want the install to be squeaky clean, like I just lather rinse repeated like 7 times clean. So if you guys could go back and build your new system from scratch, and you had 3k to spend, how would it go? :-)

P.S. I think at this point I will most likely be getting a 2000 Grand Cherokee Limited V8... So what's the Perfect system for this car? I am aware of the JL Stealthbox, but I don't think 1 10" will cut it for bass. Also do these non mainstream sub companies all have at least a 1 year warranty for their subs?
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