15" Eclipse Titanium or 15" Treo SSI


The 15" Treo SSI or the 15" Eclipse Titanium
Which one is better in your opinion and why

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Username: Mrdark

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Registered: Dec-04
well i own 2 12"ssi. So of course i say the treo. but i never heard a titanium but its a really nice sub. i know they both handle the same 750w...rms, but i put 1000w to each of my ssi and they love it. maybe the same applies to the titaniums.

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Username: Chaunb3400

Huntsville, Alabama U.S.

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matt do u have ur ssi's sealed or ported

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Username: Jakeyplaysbass

St. Louis, MO

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that is a very very hard call to make. ive heard them both and they are very similar. I would go with the treos personally but i am very biased for treo so my opinion isnt very helpful.

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Username: Mrdark

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Registered: Dec-04
chauncey, they are sealed atm...but when i get my ho alt they are being ported again. only if i can make a fg ported box though, the mdf required for them to be properly ported is really heavy.

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Username: Mike_anthes

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ive heard of people putting much more than a 1000watts on titaniums...

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Username: Alteraudiousa


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My personal choice is a Treo if you have the power, the Treos were a little inefficient when i tried them. You can slam alot of power to them and they'll take it. The Ti's have been quite good for a while. I've seen a few setups with them but never really heard them. Everyone says they're quite good so it may come down to price.

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Username: Kd7nfr

Montpelier, ID United States

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Eclipse Ti can handle 1,000 watts RMS easy if you have a good enclosure. If you're going sealed, go for 1.25cu/ft. If you're going ported, 3.5cu/ft. tuned to 32Hz is the way to go. Just make sure you build the boxes up strong or you'll destroy 'em with enough power to the subs...

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i own a 15" eclipse ti and i am very happy with it. i have it in a 4.5 cu ft ported box (not real sure of what it is tuned to but size and port size is to eclipse specs) and it is powered by a audiobahn a18001dt which claims 1200 rms and the sub could easily take more without much distortion. as for price look on ebay, i got mine used about 2 months ago for $225 shipped and it was in almost perfect condition. i have not heard the treo, but the ti gets extremely loud and stays very clear. look on for specs (the sw9152) and check on 1808crx.aspx for some reviews on the eclipse.

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Username: Kd7nfr

Montpelier, ID United States

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My friend has a Hifonics that claims 1,500 watts RMS at 1 ohm. I'm sure it only does around 1,300 but it's loud enough in his 3cu/ft. boxes tuned to 35Hz to turn your insides....

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Username: B101

Queen City, NC USA

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The SSI 15 will take way more than 1000watts! Ill prob double that! Period! And it will still sound out of this world, and be stupid loud! Call Treo, they tell ya the same thing.
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