Can someone help explain to me about alt strain


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so i showed my friend my sx12 and hes like why dont u have a cap and i told him that it would put strain on my stock alternator and he was like no it wouldnt and so i was wondering if someone could explain to me how this works so i can tell him

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tell him 2 read

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a cap is basically a teeny tiny battery that works really quick. It charges quick and discharges in a fraction of a second. Meaning something HAS to charge it - and that would be your alternator.

IF you have a good, strong alternator a cap isn't going to hurt anything. At the same time it isn't going to help anything unless you feel reducing V peaks and increasing V sags (slightly) is an improvement. There is no audible difference, and only on a rare occasion will they provide much help for dimming headlights.

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Cap is like an AC filter in your car. It will smooth out AC ripples, as well as release power at a much faster rate than your alternator/battery. The problem usually occurs when it gets drained faster than it can recharge, as in long bass notes.
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