Infinity kappa perfect 12.1 best break in method?


I just purchased a perfect 12.1 because of their well known sound quality. but I also have heard people having trouble blowing out their perfect in a very short time. Some suggest to break it in before cranking it up. so, what is the best method of breaking it in? some say leave it play in normal volume for about 15-20 hours, is that true? is it possible that after the break in it will still blow out?

The most popular reason why people blow subs is not because they are not broken in or because they have too much power going to them. The biggest reason is not hooking them up properly. Wiring the subs up in series/parallel and bridging the amp to match the impedance are good things to do. A good place to go is

And check out the sub installation section.
Justin Stark
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