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So I just hooked up my 2 xtant 1244's. They sound great. The 1st question I have is how long do i have to plat them at half volume before they break in. And also, what do all the settings on the amp do?

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like 1 week - 2 weeks break in time

the bass boost simply increases bass

set the crossover to LOWPASS
set the crossover knob to somewhere below about 80

and your gain...

it may take you a while to do that
but what i did was each time i got in my car i would change it a little and see how i like it for the its perfect

turn your head unit up 3/4 way
turn whatever equalizer settings you want ON...everyone will say to turn everything to flat..but that realy doesnt work and the gain is not asdangerous as everyone says(at least thats what i believeuntil someone has proof that it has blown a sub) set your eqaulizer..and turn the loud on or off whatever you a song with alot of bass....and set the gain to where it does not make the subs distort

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Cool,thanks man.

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are those the xtants that are like hexagons ?

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yea..they sound great
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