Off Topic. Crazy B.itch on the Mickey and Ameila show in Baltimore on 98Rock


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Listen to this it's so fu.cked up but it's so funny to towards the end. This lady blames all for all the american soldiers getting killed in Iraq. She also blames the coal miners deaths on Listen to to the whole thing or it won't make any sense this lady pi.ssed me and about 50,000 people off last week. Youll understand why. Just listen. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh. She pi.sses me off. Don't get me wrong i dont like but she is wrong.This lady is so sick and twisted. Check it out. Heres the link. Plese dont go to her personol website they tell you about in the interveiw cause she gets paid for every person that gets on her website.


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hahaha I love that end part. I agree with that guy she does need to die.

"I know you're not giving oral sex because your mouth can't stay quiet long enough to perfrom it"

"You will never enjoy God's kindom"

"You are a sad excuse for a human being and I wish nothing more than you do die in a firey bus accident driven by a f@g!"

I laughed so hard at the end but it's funny because it is true. Dumb cvnt

Oh for the record I'm against f@gs and what they do but honestly, come on. They have nothing to do with what that cvnt was talking about.

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That file is 18.7MB so dont download it if you are on dialup!
This is just stupid, F all faggets.
She hates faggets, and I do also..
Kill EM
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