Should I change wiring?


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Hey guys,
Amp and Subs just got installed. I pussed out and had a professional place do them, I got a good deal so alls good. Anyway this is my problem. I get there thinking everything is good... I have (2) 4ohm DVC Infinity Subs, 300RMS each. To power it I went with a Audiobahn A8002T. This is a two chan. amp. I figured I'd wire a 2ohm load to each chan. and give each sub 400RMS at 2ohm. This is because says the amp can be wired to give 400 watts RMS x 2 at 2 ohms. This should work right?

Anyway the guy who wired it together said no. He said "IDK where you got your info, but your amp isn't enough power for these two subs". Can this guy be right? Was the site wrong? Or am I just missing something here? Idk how he has them wired, but the two speaker wires go into the bridged part of the amp. Does this mean hes giving them 800RMS x 1 at 4 ohms? Will this give each sub 400RMS? HELP I'm confused lol. They sound pretty good I think, but he said I might wanna get a new amp and it would make them sound much better. If I fix the wiring won't that change it?
Thanks all, Ryan

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No, 2 dual 4Ohm subs cannot be wired to 2Ohms unless each sub has its own amp.

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Thats right. Sounds like your getting the most out of that amp.

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the audiobahn A8002t puts out 800 watts. i amp postitive. the guy doesnt know what he's talkin about. each sub of urs should be gettin around 400 watts.

he doesnt know what hes talkin bout. they are gettin round 400 watts when their rms is 300. it should all be good.

and for the wiring, go to

and go under woofer wiring.

then select how many subs you have an dual voice coil 4 ohms. this will give ou the wiring option. you ahould be wiring the vc in series and the subs in parallel, and that would be putting a 4 ohm load on your amp. which is what it can handle.

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Ya its at 4 ohms now, But does that mean its getting 800RMS x 1 @ 4ohms? Or is it getting 200RMS x 2 @ 4 ohms. I was told by Roven and a couple others to wire the vc in parallel to give them a 2ohm load and then wire each 2ohm load to each channel, allowing me to use the 400RMS x 2 @ 2ohms output.

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if it's connected to the bridge terminals and the subs are series/parallel you're getting 400w per sub.

I actually prefer the bridged method because it eliminates any possible phase differences that may occur running them in stereo.

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I don't really know exactly hwo they are connected inside the box, but I would immagine thats the only way. When I asked the guy how come he didn't connect each sub to each channel he said that the amp already gets warm as it is, and it would overheat if I did it that way.

Why does he say I need to upgrade an amp then if each sub is getting 100RMS more than they are rated for?

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I would say he is incorrect for saying that. Bridged at 4 ohms that amp pushes out 800 watts and with the speakers running parallel into the amp it splits that 800 up to 400 watts rms to each of your two subs. You have DVC subs so they allow for more wiring options when hooking them up to an amp. Also because it is pushing the 800 watts at 4 ohms instead of 2 ohms you get a little bit better of quality in the bass because at 2 ohms there is a slight dip in quality relative to 4 ohms.

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One last question. The guy, following the remark that I needed a new Amp since I wasn't giving the subs enough power, also said he set my gain to absolute min. I have a factory headunit. Having the subs for a week now, I've had the volume 3/4ths up and played some really hard hitting sounds, and never had the amp go into protection mode, is it safe to adjust the gain. I feel like I should be getting cleaner base.

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Find out what the voltage is on your head unit, this is what the gain should be set to. :-) Easiest way, or get an oscilliscope and do it exactly correct, to avoid any clipping.

If you're unfamiliar with clipping, etc.. You honestly should make changes to your gain very small, and be playing a song you're extremely familiar with, or using test tones, to avoid any clipping at any particular frequency.

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