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I was driving around and my L7 sounds great with the windows up but the other day i cracked my windows a little bit cuz it was nice out and my sub sounded even louder and had deeper better bass. why is this?

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I do not have an answer to that question, but I just wanted to say that I have noticed the same thing. I too rolled down my windows one day and the bass got deeper.

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less compression, changes the cancellation, lets the subs push air foward much easier and sound doesn't bounce around hitting you in and out of phase all at once.

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oh alright

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tucker is right. Think of your car as being a very large bandpass box. when you roll down the windows you change the volume of the "box aka your car" and it makes your sub sound louder and play lower than it would with the windows up

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I have seen this so many times... i think i saw this same post about 4 years ago hehe.. oh well yeah that site is the place to get the info... wheeeeeeee (A|\|al X S3X)
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